Alpine hut "langalm - Long Olbe"

The alpine hut "Langalm" (known as "Long-Olbe" in the South Tyrolian dialect) is located at an altitude of 2283 m in the heart of the DOLOMITES UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE, at the foot of the impressive north faces of the Three Peaks (Tre Cime).

This alpine hut can only be reached on foot, and it is our ambition to help retain and protect the natural beauty of the landscapes surrounding it, by farming organically and working sustainably. Please help up preserve this natural wonder and take care of it.

TOTALLY LOCAL - regional, natural, delicious - it was our conscious decision to use delicious, regional and natural products - and this reflects our attitude towards life. Our dishes are unique to the region and combine selected local ingredients. 

We wish you a pleasant stay at our alpine hut and hope that you endulge in our exclusive regional specialities while enjoying the unique panoramic view of the Dolomites.
We don't have sleeping possibilites.




The alpine hut "Long-Olbe" can only be reached on foot. Come and see us! 

Below you'll find some walking options.

1)   Three Peaks circle:

      Starting point: parking site at rifugio Auronzo (2.320


      Path nr. 105, approx. 30 min. (walk in clockwise



2)  Walking up from the tollgate:

      Starting point: small parking space at the tollgate,        

      walk towards "Rinbianco" and from there follow the

      path to "Forcella Col di Mezzo".

      Path nr. 105a, 108a, approx. 1,5 hour


3)  Walking up through "Rienz"-valley:

      Starting point: parking site at "Vista Tre Cime/Three             Peaks View".

      Path nr. 102 -105, approx. 3 hour

Reachable ONLY on foot

This alpine hut can only be reached on foot. We use the same footpath us you to carry all the groceries to this alpine hut on food or with the help of an electric-bike.

Only for heavy goods we occasionally organise transport flights by helicopter.

Please help us preserve this natural wonder and take care of it.

Nature is a marvellous good we have and must be preserved.